Committee on Health and Equal Opportunities invites CHIP to provide input to proposed reforms to assisted reproduction technology laws

CHIP had the honour of speaking with the committee on the law proposed by Mme Valerie Van Peel establishing an Institute that specifically conserves information about donors, including national registration number. CHIP welcomes the global direction of the law as it moves to better protecting the rights of donor conceived children, including improving access by siblings and prohibition of anonymous donations. The proposed law also ensures that psychosocial assistance is available to those accessing information. However, to be fully compliant, the proposed reforms should consider preventative mechanisms such as early awareness raising among parents and donors of the importance of identity information at the medical clinics when they are considering their potential recourse to assisted reproductive technology. Moreover, the proposed law should also consider the use of gametes outside of Belgium, including surrogacy for all persons habitually resident in the country.

See : Summary of intervention including proposed laws (attached) and recording on 16 May 2023

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