The right to identity and access to information on genetic origin and parentage

The research foundation RETHINKIN has released a book entitled ‘The Right to Identity and Access to Information on Genetic Origin and Parentage,’ which explores the right to identity from an international human rights perspective. This volume compares the national regulations of States that have waived donor anonymity and describes different legal paths to discover or establish one’s genetic origins.

 In addition, the book includes findings from psychological research on the experiences of (intending) parents, donor-conceived people, and donors. It assesses counselling practices, registration and providing information, and DNA databases.

 Research reveals the psychological and psychosocial development and well-being of the child may be impaired as a result of not knowing birth parents, gestational origins, and other family relations. Child Identity Protection (CHIP) welcomes the legal and psychological research efforts incorporated into this book on the importance of the right to identity.


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