CHIP submits inputs to the prospective study on the centrality of care and support

Pursuant to resolution 54/6, adopted by the Human Rights Council, on the centrality of care and support from a human rights perspective, a comprehensive thematic study is being prepared by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on the human rights dimension of care and support, summarising and compiling international standards and good practices and main challenges at the national level in care and support systems, and including recommendations on promoting and ensuring the human rights of caregivers and care and support recipients.

In this context, CHIP recently submitted a document aimed at sharing approaches applicable to children at risk of being separated from their parents or caregivers and to children already in care and whose family reintegration is reliant on appropriate support to them and their families. The impact of support and care on their family relations has been a cross-cutting issue of the submission, as illustrated by promising practices of concrete implementation at domestic and local level, taking into account the variety of socio-economic, cultural and geopolitical contexts.

CHIP welcomes this opportunity to contribute to the international debate and solution-seeking processes in relation to care and support and to ensure that children’s rights to identity and family relations are fully incorporated in the latter and in the resulting study.


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