Child friendly guide for children in foster care

This child-friendly guide is based on research carried out with UNIGE and Child Identity Protection entitled «Coercive decisions in Switzerland through the lens of international standards: foster care placements.» This research is funded by the SNSF (Swiss National Science Foundation), as part of the National Research Programme NRP 76 ‘Assistance and Coercion’ and under the direction of Prof. Philip Jaffé.

This guide was co-authored by Cora Bachmann (Secretary General PACH), Laurence Bordier (Child Identity Protection, Geneva), Mia Dambach (UNIGE and Child Identity Protection, Geneva), Dr. Gaëlle Droz-Sauthier (former President of the APEA Martigny, Senior Lecturer at the Institute for Research and Advice in the Family, University of Fribourg, MLB Lausanne), Dr. Ersilia Gianella (Deputy President of the APEA Acquarossa, Biasca and Faido and lecturer at the SUPSI, Ticino), Christian Nanchen (Head of Service, Département de l’économie et de la formation et Service cantonal de la jeunesse, Valais) and Marc Rossier (Head of the Office pour la protection de l’enfant). It benefited from the valuable input of professionals from all over Switzerland, as well as the children who enthusiastically gave their comments including Alice, Ilona, Iva, Léonia, Maxence, Natalie, Noah and Ophélie. The illustrations were created by Evelyn Bocos – aged 14.

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