Foster Care Tools for Professionals and Children

Members of the CHIP team are very pleased to have been able to participate in one of the projects (Coercive decisions in Switzerland through the lens of international standards : foster care placements), under the direction of Prof. Philip Jaffé. Two tools were developed as outputs of the research to support prevention of family separations and for training professionals in international standards, by way of Guide directed at Professionals.

This Guide (English, French and German) provides information on key decision-making stages in order to align them with international standards to prevent “unjustified” removal and placements in foster care with a description of international safeguards, indicators for compliance and promising practices in Switzerland and abroad.

In addition, a Guide adapted for children in (English | French | German | Italian) has also been produced which will help them understand what support they can receive and from whom, if they are risk of being separated from their family and/or separated from their family.

Both these tools will contribute to greater respect for children’s right to identity in family relations.